Grape Juice Health Benefits

Welches Grape Juice

Welches Grape Juice

I decided to find out the Grape Juice health benefits compared to orange juice.  I have been drinking Orange Juice everyday for breakfast for the last 30 plus years. Since 2009 when I returned from Afghanistan, I noticed that the price of Orange juice has been steadily increasing every few months. Over the last six years the price for the large size 128 oz jug of Minute Maid OJ at my local grocery is now $7.55. That is just too much for my budget to afford so I started looking around for alternatives. I haven't been much of a grape juice drinker but got interested in grape juice after noting the price of the same size 128 oz Welch's grape juice is $3.49. I can buy two 128 oz bottles of grape juice for less than the price of one like sized OJ.

To convince myself of Grape Juice benefits versus Orange Juice I found a study by researchers at the University of Glasgow. They determined that grape juice provides more health benefits with higher concentration of antioxidants called polyphenols. It was determined that Purple grape juice made with Concord grapes contains the most polyphenols and the highest antioxidant capacity.

The health benefits of Grape juice is determined to be better than OJ and the best brand of grape juice happens to be Welch's Grape Juice made from dark blue Concorde grapes.

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