The unnatural idea of Progressive Multiculturalism destroys a city in France. I just watched a video by a citizen of France describing the conditions in her city. She lives in Calais, France, a city on the West coast of France just across the English Channel from Dover in Great Britain. She has lived in Calais [...]

The AR15 and The Liberal assault on the Second Amendment continues. The Progressives seize every heartbreaking incident to turn it into a political opportunity. This time it is the terrible and senseless Orlando night club shooting. The Liberal mantra is the end justifies the means which is exemplified by this famous quote attributed to Rahm [...]

Moderate Muslims, the silent majority, claim that a few radicals give moderate Muslims a bad name. They claim that the majority of Muslims are peaceful and that non Muslims are judging all Muslims by the  few who practice radical Islam. Let's examine this claim. There are 1.6 billion people on earth who practice Islam. Of [...]

Here is a YouTube video with Milton Freidman countering a claim that Socialism is the answer to world income inequality. One problem I have with Liberals is that they have this notion that all people should be equal in income regardless of their individual merit and the value of their individual labor and contribution to [...]

Here I want to introduce a video featuring a woman from Syria. She is now an American citizen and a medical doctor. In this video she explains Islam and makes me understand Islam for what it is. Watch, listen, and learn from someone who experienced Islam first hand. I have come to understand Islam for [...]

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