Some thoughts this morning about Muslims, Islam, and Progressive Liberals. I read a comment about the Muslim immigration situation in Australia that started me thinking. There is a Worldwide problem that has been going on for some years and that may well come to a head in my lifetime. The problem is Islam. A major [...]

I decided to find out the Grape Juice health benefits compared to orange juice.  I have been drinking Orange Juice everyday for breakfast for the last 30 plus years. Since 2009 when I returned from Afghanistan, I noticed that the price of Orange juice has been steadily increasing every few months. Over the last six years the [...]

The idea of a portable ham radio station satisfies the needs of the Ham Radio hobbyist and the use of Amateur Radio for communications in times of emergency. The hobbyist may enjoy making contacts with other Hams from remote locations. It doesn't matter what the motivation, the convenience of having all your radio equipment stored [...]

This season I studied the Mittleider gardening method and applied those concepts to my back yard garden. The method was developed by Dr. Mittleider over a period of time as he helped agriculturally depressed countries around the world to grow their own food. The basic idea is simply to provide what plants need to grow. [...]

My Tea Ritual, I Enjoy Moments with My New Friend. The taste of the tea is different, delicate, makes me think of those who sipped tea thousands of years before me. It makes me feel very relaxed, very in tune with this time and this place. My introduction to tea came a couple years ago. I [...]

The advances made by the Progressive Liberal wing of the Democrat party can be attributed to the tactics designed and taught by Saul Alinsky and the research team of Cloward and Piven. We must decide if we are going to continue to sit by and watch as the Progressive Leftists lie, cheat, steal, and bully [...]

The Progressive Liberals have been on a quest for power in American politics for decades. Their end justifies the means methods to grow their base includes buying votes through social and welfare programs, most recently illegal immigration, and in attacking and limiting our First Amendment rights. What is strange is that the Liberals seem to [...]

Here is an Absolutely great article that explains perfectly how the Left creates an issue and then uses the issue to divide and cause chaos. The victimization of the Black community in particular is an invention of the Progressive Liberal Democrat party. The party of slavery continues to "use" the Black community as a political [...]

It had been many years, decades in fact since I gave any thought to becoming an amateur radio operator, a ham. It always seemed to be too much in the way of rules, regulations, and electronic theory to learn, but the clincher that kept me away from taking the ham radio test and most likely [...]

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