Chuck Burns 2009 Santorinni GreeceI started this Blog a couple years ago. I had just returned home after working 3 years in Iraq and a year in Afghanistan. It took a little time to readjust after being away four years. During that time I got interested in politics and preserving the free America envisioned by our founding fathers. The economy, the 20 trillion dollar National Debt, and a new found understanding of the political situation in the United States got me interested in being self sufficient and being prepared.

My interests led to Home defense. I purchased my first gun at age 65 and discovered that I enjoyed firearms, specifically those that could be used in self defense and home defense. My new interest in guns was influenced by the political environment which resulted in learning to reload my own ammunition. That new interest in guns resulted in the creation of a website devoted to Home Defense Weapons. From reloading came a website called Reloading Videos.

Growing my own fresh vegetables has always appealed to me. I started gardening in the back yard in 2011 and that endeavor has taken over most of the back yard.

Another acquired interest that fits into the idea being prepared is Amateur radio. I got my Ham license in 2014, purchased radios, set up antennas, and learned to communicate over the air waves. My first radio contact was to Malta in the Mediterranean. Check me out on QRZ, my call sign is KC9KC.

Other interests include:

  • Home Built airplane
  • TIG welding
  • Knife making
  • Antique bottle collecting
  • Sailing

I'll add that I also have an interest in the Internet and Internet marketing. My goal there is to make enough money to live on. That can take a lot of time and so far pays back nothing except the satisfaction of learning new things. One of these days I'll get the technique figured out and when I do I will move back to my home State of Florida where the growing season is over 300 days a year.