Progressive Liberal Multiculturalism Destroys City

Calais France never ending arrival of unwanted immigrant Muslims

Calais France Muslims

The unnatural idea of Progressive Multiculturalism destroys a city in France. I just watched a video by a citizen of France describing the conditions in her city. She lives in Calais, France, a city on the West coast of France just across the English Channel from Dover in Great Britain.

She has lived in Calais all of her life and remembers when it was a safe, peaceful, and good place to live. She tells about her city now as it is after arrival of thousands of Muslims.

Calais is a place where French citizens have been forgotten. The conditions are so bad that the government and police have written Calais off as a Muslim no go zone. Citizens are ignored when they report attacks or crime that involves Muslims.
I suppose French politicians chose Calais because it is a port to cross the Channel to England.

Listen to her description of life in a once peaceful city which has been overrun by Muslims.

Of course the other side of the story is about desperate people who left their homes looking for a better life. Or is that really the case. I suppose some of the million plus Muslims entering Europe each year are looking for a better place but not all. Over 70 percent of the migrants are Muslim men. It is time for Westerners to open their eyes to the fact that the West is under attack by Islam.

Watch the video to get an idea of what one city in Europe is experiencing due to the actions of their Progressive Liberal government.