The Purpose of the Second Amendment

The success of the Liberal assault on the Second Amendment depends on a total lack of understanding of the Purpose of the Second Amendment.

Let's make it clear from the start that I view Progressives, Liberals, Marxists, Socialists, and Communists as collectivists and enemies of the Constitution, individual liberty, and the free America envisioned by the founding fathers.

The argument put forth by Liberals is addressed to those uneducated, illiterate, and ignorant citizens who never learned our history and were taught Liberal distortions and fabrications about U.S. History.

The Second Amendment is not about hunting. The founding fathers along with the people living in America at the time understood tyranny because they lived it under the rule of King George III. This firsthand knowledge led to the Second Amendment specifically stating that The right of the people to keep and bear arms "to protect themselves from an overbearing and tyrannical government" shall not be infringed. So the Second Amendment is nothing to do with hunting at all and has everything to do with the realization that governments are dangerous necessities that will seek to grow and overpower the people.

The specific guns authorized by the Second Amendment must be up to the task and equal to the arms available to and in use by the government. Since the idea is for the people to protect themselves from government tyranny then it stands to reason that the firepower available to We the People must be equivalent and up to the task. The AR15 is the perfect weapon to satisfy the requirements set fourth in the Second Amendment. In fact I think we need a law that declares the AR15 as our National Rifle and each Citizen should be issued one. That would drive the anti-gun Leftists up the wall.

The militia is a citizen army of the people that is poised to fight to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic. What might the definition of a domestic enemy be? An enemy from within the country.

I recently watched this YouTube video and was so impressed by the man and his understanding of the Second Amendment that I wanted to share it on my blog. By the way, the gentleman in the video is an immigrant. He came to America legally, learned to speak English, assimilated into our culture, and made an enlightened decision to become an American. He is an example of what America is about. Watch the video with me and listen to his articulate presentation.