There is Only One Islam

Here I want to introduce a video featuring a woman from Syria. She is now an American citizen and a medical doctor. In this video she explains Islam and makes me understand Islam for what it is. Watch, listen, and learn from someone who experienced Islam first hand.

I have come to understand Islam for what it is, a barbaric, male centered, female oppressive ideology that seeks World domination. Islam is a threat to civilized society and in particular a threat to individual freedom.

Wafa Sultan Explains Islam

The spread of Islam is being assisted by the Politically Correct and bigoted Progressive Liberals. I suspect the Progressives have an ulterior motive and their own agenda to establish the one party political system Liberal Utopia. They are as intolerant and as much a threat to individual freedom as are Muslims.

There is only one Islam. That Islam was created by Mohamed. That Islam is documented in the Koran with additional guidance in the Haditih. Those who practice Islam are Muslims. There are no radical Muslims or moderate Muslims. There is one Islam, one Koran, and there are Muslims period.

Why is it that Muslims are spreading across the world and in each instance they bring their ideology and sharia with them. They DO NOT assimilate into the society and culture of their adopted country. Why do you suppose this is? It is Islamic Intolerance! Islam is so extreme and intolerant that it is the only ideology that gives this severe ultimatum. Convert to Islam or suffer slavery, or death.

Here is proof, not that more is needed, but proof of Islam's oppression of women. The reward for the ultimate sacrifice in jihad is the use of 72 virgins. Doesn't that alarm anyone? What do you women think about being used as a reward. And, what is the fate of the 72 virgins? After the so called Muslim hero uses them then what? And how are these virgins selected. Why are they the lucky ones to be used by a Muslim hero who kills innocent victims, some of whom could be women, children, and fellow Muslims as well.

Then there is the issue of tolerance. Where is the tolerance in Islam? Muslims immigrate into a benevolent host country and the first thing they do is establish a mini Islamic state complete with sharia.

You moderate Muslims don't seem to understand your religion of peace. Either that or you are lying to the rest of us. If you do in fact understand your religion of peace then where is the reform? Do you intend to keep Islam as it is? Or do you intend to reform Islam so that is compatible with and will be accepted by civilized societies.