Progressive Liberalism Ends Free Speech

In our time, 2015, the world has "evolved" at the hands of people who "know" that they know what is best for the rest of us. These self appointed know-it-alls are Progressive Liberals and they pose an even greater threat to our individual freedoms than terrorism.

Terrorism is a way to force an ideology of one group of people onto another group. We see the Paris attacks on TV and all of a sudden we are claiming to be at war with "radical Islam". That is a start and it is way past time to start identifying the problem as something to do with Islam.

The threat of terrorism and Islam is upon us. However, there is an even greater threat to our freedom and well being than ISIS. That greater threat is Progressive Liberalism. For over a century in the United States there has been and continues to be an anti-American movement. A movement that believes it can do no wrong in its quest to create the Liberal Utopia. Much like the Muslims are directed by the Koran to build a Caliphate, the Progressives seem to have an innate desire to create the Liberal Utopia. In their "new world order" created by Liberalism the first individual freedom to go is Freedom of Speech. Just look at the news to see Liberalism in action at our institutions of higher education. These should be called institutions of propaganda, indoctrination, and brain washing. College students can't and don't think for themselves. They regurgitate the vile anti-American doctrine instilled in them by a Liberal education. The Progressive Liberal belief system is based on the Machiavellian notion that the end justifies the means. They are just like the radical Muslims in that way. The Islamists find justification in their religion to kill anyone who doesn't believe as they believe. The concept of the end justifies the means justifies their acts. The quintessence of intolerance, kill those who hold different ideas until everyone believes in what you believe.

The Progressive Liberals aren't quite to the insane level of fanatic radical Islamists but the Progressives will deny Freedom of Speech to their adversaries by any means possible and the concept of the end justifies the means justifies this. The danger is that Progressives are absolutely intolerant of opposing and contrary views. They will do whatever it takes short of killing to force their ideology and ideas on the rest of us.

Here is an excellent video titled "Goodbye to the First Amendment" by Pat Condell who is a favorite of mine.