Muslims, Islam, and Progressive Liberals

Some thoughts this morning about Muslims, Islam, and Progressive Liberals. I read a comment about the Muslim immigration situation in Australia that started me thinking.

There is a Worldwide problem that has been going on for some years and that may well come to a head in my lifetime. The problem is Islam. A major part of the problem is that so many do not understand Islam or what is happening at this moment in time.

Islam is fulfilling the vision it has of itself. Islam is in the process of creating the Caliphate. A Worldwide Islamic theocracy.

There are four possible outcomes.

  1. One is the world ruled under Islam.
  1. Another is the reformation of Islam and the world living in a Live and Let Live scenario.
  1. On the other hand, one unlikely possibility is the eradication of Islam and anything and everything Islamic from the face of the earth.
  1. Then there is the scenario we are living now, a World of perpetual war. And at the center of every trouble spot are Islamists or Leftists forcing their ideas and ideology on others as the root cause.

How many actually think that We will ever see a World in which we all just live and let live.

To add more to the mix, the Progressive Liberals will never allow us to live and let live. Progressives are like Muslims in this regard. They talk about tolerance, but their idea of tolerance is for the rest of us just to accept their ideas and we are to be tolerant until we do come around to their way of thinking. Tolerance is not for them, tolerance is only for the rest of us to tolerate Islam and Progressive ideas until we see the light and just accept their way of thinking, their ideas, their ideology.

Progressives are the embodiment of Islam without the head lopping, stoning, and the call to prayer.

The world will never see peace as long as Islam exists in its present form and as long as Progressive Liberals impose their intolerant quest for power. They are each the antithesis of civilized society.