The Yin and Yang of Politics

Yin Yang

Yin Yang

I started the Casual Citizen as a way to express my political views and to encourage others to get involved in the political process. That idea never developed past my learning about politics which is never ending. I now understand what was meant when someone said "People get the government they deserve". As much as I dislike the present state of government in America I understand that We the people voted this government into office. We get the government we deserve.

I came up with the name Casual Citizen because I tend to be casual about my duty as a voting citizen. Unfortunately that is the way with the majority of Americans. None of us have any interest in running the country. We just want to live our lives and that is why we elect other citizens to represent us to run the country so we don't have to get involved.

The problem with this passing the buck is that we not only elect a so called representative government we also provide zero oversight of these elected officials. We just give the country to the politicians. Unfortunately, the type of people that gravitate into politics are not the ones we would want to live next door. These are power hungry, self serving, professional politicians who tell us what we want to hear. Of course there are a few who do make good neighbors but they are not the majority. And as the saying goes "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely". Some who enter public service as good neighbors leave in handcuffs or should.

Politics for me has been reduced to a very basic understanding of the situation. The founding fathers envisioned a free America in which individual freedom is key. Much of our founding documents are written to protect the individual from the government. Here is the yin and yang, the black and white, the night and day, the two sides of politics. On the one hand is the free America envisioned by the founding fathers and on the other hand is the collectivist Marxist Socialist Communist vision of a Progressive Liberal Utopia. All Politics boils down to the conflict to maintain a free America with individual freedom and minimal government against the collectivist vision of a collectivist Amerika with maximum government control and government involvement in our lives. In the Liberal Utopia the individual is sacrificed to promote the greater good.